Hastings Chamber’s tourism budget expands | Local News | hastingsstargazette.com – Hastings Star Gazette | Jfk Loans

The tourism industry is beginning to free itself from the straitjacket imposed by COVID-19. The Hastings Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Board, which receive funding from the city’s lodging tax, will have $66,000 available for this year after budgeting $56,000. The Chamber has drawn up its 2022-23 Marketing Plan to take advantage of this increase … Read more

Next Federal Reserve meeting could mean another big rate hike on the horizon – WLS-TV | Jfk Loans

The upcoming Federal Reserve meeting on Wednesday will be one for the history books. The Fed will either hike rates by three quarters of a point to 3% for the third consecutive month, or hike by an unprecedented full percentage point to 3.25%. But what happens after that, no one can imagine. The video shown … Read more